Our clients are incredibly important to us, which means having a high-quality team to support them is also incredibly important to us. These clients don’t just buy software and sail off into the sunset, they hire us to support their grant and scholarship operations through our technology, and to be available to guide them through every aspect of it so that they can focus on the more important parts of their job. We promise exceptional service to our clients, which means we hire exceptional team members to fulfill that promise. If this sounds like you, we would like to hear from you.

Our headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, but the following positions could be remote, if necessary.

In most companies, this would be a ‘Sales’ position. For us, this goes far beyond sales, and really gets into serving the client, making sure they have everything they need for success. Responsibilities include finding and securing new clients, then being the primary point of contact with those clients. Additional responsibilities include client training and support, as well as billing and overall account management. Previous experience with grants or scholarships is required.

This position is responsible for securing and fulfilling direct staffing engagements for clients who choose to outsource part of their staffing to ZoomGrants™. Previous experience as a grant manager/administrator is required.

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